Imagine how a bow looks. It is locked and loaded, ready to fire! That’s exactly how your body will look and feel when you learn everything you need to know about this yoga pose. I will warn you, it may be challenging for some of you, but it will definitely pay off!

The Bow Yoga Pose, or Dhanurasana, which is its Sanskrit name, will bring you benefits on both physical and mental levels. Sit back tight and enjoy this tutorial!

How to master the Bow Yoga Pose

Step 1

The beginning of this pose requires you to lie on your belly with your hands straight and on the floor (palms up).
You may lie on a blanket or mat in order to be comfortable in this pose. As you exhale, bend your knees and put your heels back. Your heels should come as far as they can to your buttocks.

Now, use your hands to reach back and grab the ankles of your feet. Remember, you should only grab the ankles, not the toes! If you aren’t able to grab onto your ankles, wrap a strap around them and grab the hanging ends of it. That way you will get the same effect.  Your knees should be as wide as your hips. 

Step 2

Take a deep breath and lift your heels from your buttocks. As you do that, you should also lift your thighs away from the floor. This will make your body start to stretch and look more like a bow. Your head and torso should be pulled from the floor in the process.

While you are doing this, your back muscles should not be hardened. Keep them as soft as you can.
You should continue pulling your body in the same way, however, now you should press your shoulders against your back. This will open up your heart area. The final thing you need to do in step two is gaze a little bit forward.

Step 3

Now that your stomach is pressing the floor it will be difficult to breathe. You should breathe into the backside of your body and maintain a steady rhythm.
You should be in this pose anywhere from 20 to 30 seconds. Once that time is up, release your body slowly and lie on the ground for a few seconds.
After your body has “recovered” from the pose, you can repeat it two or three times. 

The Final Verdict

That would be it when it comes to the Bow Yoga Pose. You may use this pose for battling a migraine, insomnia, high blood pressure, low blood pressure, lower-back problems. 

Mastering this pose won’t happen overnight. Remember to take your time with this one as it isn’t quite simple as some may be. Do it step by step and keep in mind that small details make the difference whether you will get all of the benefits from the pose or not.

I hope you have enjoyed this yoga tutorial! Good luck with mastering the Bow Yoga Pose!