Did you know yoga can wipe off at least some of the aging signs that appear on your face? It is possible to erase a few years from your face without spending money on cosmetic surgery or chemical treatments. Face yoga has gained a lot of popularity these days. The following face yoga exercises will tone and relax your facial muscles.

#1. Smooth Forehead Yoga

The forehead smoother prevents wrinkles because it relaxes your facial muscles. It is a result of combining yoga poses with acupressure. Place your fists on your forehead and touch your face with your index and middle fingers’ knuckles. They should come in the center of the forehead. Apply a firm pressure, but release a little bit if you start feeling pain. Maintain this position and slide your fists to the sides. Finish the pose by pressing your knuckles into the temples but make sure you use gentle moves. Repeat this exercise for at least four times. 

#2. Neck Lift Pose

This facial yoga pose will strengthen and tighten your jawline and neck. If you want to prevent saggy skin and double chins, you should try the Neck Lift exercise. Pucker your lips to the side until you feel a slight stretch in your cheek and neck area. Keeping your lips like that, turn your head to the same side, lifting it a little bit at a 45-degree angle. You should feel a stretch in your jawline and neck. Hold this pose for about three to five seconds and the repeat it, alternating sides. 

#3. Cheeks Firming Yoga

Get cheeky with this firming facial yoga pose. Inhale deeply and pout your mouth by inflating your cheeks like a bullfrog. Hold the pose for at a couple of seconds, and then release the air. This exercise will strengthen your cheek muscles and change your entire facial appearance. So, those of you who want to have lifted plump cheeks should practice this facial yoga pose on a regular basis. 

#4. Puppet Face 

The Puppet Face exercise works miracles when it comes to lifting the nasal labial folds. Put a big smile on your face, showing your teeth. Then, place your fingertips between your nose and lips on the both sides of the creases and push gently. Try to lift those facial muscles up while pressing down with your fingers to create a slight resistance. Plumped, toned, and round cheeks are a sign of youth. This is why so many people use treatments such as Botox. To prevent your cheek muscles from becoming loose without having to spend for a cosmetic surgery, try this yoga facial pose. 

#5. Overall Face Lift Exercise

This exercise will tone down your smiles lines and superficial wrinkles. Also, it lifts your cheeks as well as the eyes. Place your palms on the temples and slowly push your hands back but also a bit up. In other words, you should pull your temples oblique. During the pull, open your mouth a little, creating an O shape. For better results, you must drop your jaw line to elongate your face as much as possible. Hold the pose for at least five seconds, and repeat the asana three times. 

Let’s Recap

As you can see, yoga is not only for the body, but it also works great for your face. All the facial yoga poses mentioned above prevent wrinkles and saggy skin. You should practice them every two days to make sure your facial muscles are toned and firm.