Most people carry out yoga to calm their inner-self and to heal their souls. If you want to make this practice more advantageous and to turn yoga into your own source of happiness, here are three golden rules which can surely bring the complete pleasure to your mind and body during the yoga practice.

1. Practice Moderation

There are two various terms typically related to yoga posture done with hip: mobile hip and stable hip. The hip joint should be kept robust, stable, and reactive while performing yoga on a yoga mat. This shows that yoga is not just related to keeping your body mobile.

Your body can carry out the motion while remaining within certain definite limits, and thus, there is a large number of people who are not able to achieve that motion limit. This means that instead of being too hard on yourself, try to seek the way which makes your body relax, as working hard on your joints will cause you more harm than good.

2. Sort Out Your Routine

Consider not doing the same vinyasa or series of postures again and again. It is better to go to a yoga class and pay attention there. But most of the time many instructors will tell you about the same types of postures to be done in the same sequence. This type of approach makes yoga practice tedious and also doesn’t seem to be very effective. Your body will learn to cope with this routine and time will come when it no longer possible to see any progress.

This may lead to Repetitive Stress Syndrome (RSS) which means that your body may sustain injuries due to excessive repetitive stress. Your body may get stuck there and won’t show any progress in building up strength and endurance. Moreover, the repetitive order of postures may lead to injuries and destroy your physical structure. So, change your yoga plan periodically or at least on a weekly basis.

3. Be Kind to Yourself

According to a research made by National Academy of Sports Medicine, some of the most common excersices don’t address the functional safe ranges of your movement. Thus, these exercise programs don’t make your body stable nor do they challenge your cardiorespiratory system in a proper way.

On the other hand, yoga makes you able to achieve all of your fitness goals in a more practical way.However, many people fail to meet these training objectives. Most of the exercise coaching programs focus on public health, as the majority of the people suffer from the weight problems. However, at some point, they realize that there is an extreme need of yoga for fulfilling ones personal needs.